Raised in a retail business family I later chose to follow a Bachelor degree in Tourism & Leisure Management. The study was well suited to my pioneering spirit and desire to devote something meaningful to the Third World. It became evident that tourism would not contribute to the dream of a just society. Following my successful graduation, I thus switched to a career in idealistic organisations. Including subject areas such as Third World issues and the integration of Vietnamese boat refugees.
Carina Stoop

My inherent talent for business soon became clear. Blood is thicker than water after all. My approach: idealism combined with healthy realism. In this context I became affiliated with the Dutch Association of World Shops, a Centre for Women’s mental health care and a consulting and training agency for employee participation, amongst others.

I discovered the pleasure found in the role of project leader. Not only through organising international conferences and the development of the world shop gift voucher scheme, but also in the production of communications and the construction of housing solutions. A post graduate education in Management deepened my knowledge professionally. I also followed training courses in Project Management (Prince 2) and Solution Focused Work.

With a firm grasp of how to make a difference, on January 1st 2001 I started my own consultancy. My inner drive is to be of value for business initiatives with a clear start and end point, within inspiring and future orientated settings.

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