Management Consultancy and Business Management

Assignment Streamlining internal organisation, due to the growth of the organisation
Role Sparring Partner, Advisor, Project Manager
  • Inventory of duties
  • Advice on distribution of roles and tasks of the bureau, related to the introduction of new recruitment software
  • Establishing methods and procedures in cooperation with employees
  • Guidance of employees to new procedures
  • Established Job Profiles of supporting staff
  • Established mutual distribution of tasks in the fields of: Secretariat, Organisation, Communication, Finances, Administration of Personnel and Recruitment
  • Organisation Manual with recording of procedures, work instructions and templates
  • Supplementary Manual use of Recruitment software system
  • Reorganised office space and streamlined digital and physical archive
  • Improved mutual cooperation
Assignment Reorganisation of internal business administration and organisation, optimisation of business performance due to growth of the company, Interim Management
Role Sparring Partner, Advisor, Interim Manager Operations, Project Manager
  • In cooperation with external Change Manager advice on organisational structure, Planning systems and instruments, Human Resources and Finance
  • Execution of a scan on business organisation and business processes
  • Development and implementation of a plan of approach
  • Interim performance of Human Resources, Finance and Operations
  • Modified organisational structure
  • Established Job Profiles and Job Groups, Assessment and Performance Scheme, reformed and supplemented employment terms and conditions, introduction of a personnel manual with procedures, terms and conditions, company rules, modified employment contracts, established pension scheme
  • Time Registration Scheme
  • Due to the implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System: finalised description of business processes
  • New Manager Operations, fully integrated
Assignment Assistance to business matters at the implementation of the fusion organisation and integration of the numerous Personnel and Salary Administrations
Role Project Manager including hands-on duties
  • Inventory of existing financial, personnel and business liabilities
  • Advice and assistance to these aspects in relation to the new organisation
  • Integrated data set, signed on digital Salary portal, Tax Authorities, Social Security, Pension Fund, Occupational Health and Safety Service and guidance on absence issues
  • Financial powers and liabilities operational in new organisation
Assignment During pioneering phase: establishment of the internal organisation and HR policy, organisation of housing, coordination of communication
Role Project Manager and including hands-on duties
  • Inventory of existing personnel and business liabilities
  • Professionalising and execution of business matters
  • Establishment of internal organisation, ready for the growth phase
  • Bureau Management handed over to permanent employee
  • In cooperation with interior designer: operational office with flex working places – Launch of new website
Advice on optimization and reorganisation of secretariats and implementation of advice
Streamlining administrative organisation through draft up of business procedures, forms and business manuals, including interim execution

Human Resources


Within the framework of the realisation of the HR Shared Service Centre: description of components within HR processes which remain addressed at the City District. It dealt with the following processes : Recruitment, Appointments, Administration of Formation & Authorisation, Leave, Absence and Declarations


Project Manager

  • Development and implementation of a plan of approach
  • Draft up of descriptions, including user tests, in cooperation with users, HR team, HR Shared Service Centre and Steering Committee
  • Professionalising and execution of business matters
  • Process descriptions, approved by the Steering Committee on the intranet
  • Managers and HR team members informed about the new processes and procedures
  • Descriptions used as input to the implementation of the new HR services in other City Districts
Advice on and drawing up Personnel Manuals, streamlining HR procedures and modelling forms, execution of Quick HR Scans and advice implementation, Interim Performance of activities

Communications and organisational services

Assignment Congress organisation about the realisation of an effective, easy accessible complaint and dispute handling in the care sector, in cooperation with the chair of SKG
Role Sparring Partner and Project Manager
Approach Organisations and coordination of Finance, Location, Communication, Publicity through design of congress website, Planning, Registration of participants, On site Management and provision of input to the Programme
Outcome Successful congress ‘Klachten en geschillen in de zorg’: van Wet cliëntenrechten naar praktijk’, moving speakers, well informed participants and a positive appreciation
Creation of publicity at the organisation of exhibitions, execution of Public Relations policies, organisation of a working congress, creation of publicity of a career development consultancy, SME’s and a women’s network

Project Management Office (PMO) en office organisation

Set up of a Project Office for a start-up on district focused ICT applications Cyburg, execution of Project Management Office for portfolio ICT projects of Municipality The Hague and Government Buildings Agency, creation of supporting bureau for knowledge organisations

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